8 Best WordPress Themes for App Showcase

If you’re launching a new app, a great landing page is very important as it will give first impression to other people about your app. While any WordPress theme can be modified and redesign to create a landing page to showcase your app, we decided to share with you 8 great, hand-picked WordPress themes for app […]

It’s hard to beat fourteen files and an image folder

Sometimes I think theme frameworks just aren’t a good thing for the end user. When it comes to the experience with the least friction, the most welcoming to a new user, and the least technically complex, I just don’t see anything beating a simple theme folder with a handful of template files and an image folder. […]

An update on The WPCandy Quarterly #2!

I’m happy to announce that we’re finalizing the second issue of The WPCandy Quarterly, in the last stage before sending it off to the printers. It’s an exciting — but busy! — time, and we’re most psyched to be so close to getting another issue into everyone’s hands. We have an amazing roundup of contributors […]

Theme Show #12: “The Compliment Sandwich”

In our second Theme Show episode of the new year, “The Compliment Sandwich”, we stick to our new format and dish over four new themes and pick one to rule them all. Well, for another seven days that is. As a reminder, each episode of The Theme Show we tear apart four different themes — […]

Sweet Plugin: TablePress, the successor to WP-Table Reloaded

About two years ago (yeah, really!) I reviewed the WP-Table Reloaded WordPress plugin on our show The Sweet Plugin. After a rebranding and reworking of the code, WP-Table Reloaded is now TablePress. The developer Tobias relaunched the plugin, renamed it with a much better name, and revamped a number of the plugin’s features. One of […]