Chris Lema: What should a WordPress theme cost?

Yes, I just tagged the title as “opinion” to make sure you were reminded that pretty much every post on this site is actually an opinion, not a fact. I wrote a post the other day that looked at what would happen if WordPress themes got more expensive. It wasn’t answering the question of whether […]

Change the WordPress Database Schema?

For those developers who are coming to WordPress from other platforms such as .NET or other major database driven system where they are responsible for devising their own database schema, one of the problems that’s often seen in the WordPress-world is this desire to create sets of tables that may or may not interface with […]

Create a better customer experience

Today I sit down with Cody Landefeld of fame. You may be familiar with the User Experience of a website or app, but what about your business? That’s what we’re focusing on today. How do clients interact with us from the pre-sale, to the mid-project, all the way down to support phase? It might […]

Introducing NextGEN Pro Ecommerce

We are so extremely excited to share this announcement with you. One of the biggest feature requests from NextGEN Pro users was the ability to sell images. So we looked at all of the Ecommerce plugins available for WordPress and did not find one that was ideal for selling images. So we took our own […]

What happens if WordPress themes get more expensive?

Did you read Freakonomics? I don’t know if you ever read the book Freakonomics, but there’s a chilling story in there about education and the kind of folks that end up as teachers. Now before you get all angry at me – I love teachers. I especially love one amazing and fantastic teacher (Melissa Lema). […]

PressNomics 3, the economics of WordPress conference, is January 22nd – January 24th – Post Status

3 Dates have just been announced for the next PressNomics. PressNomics’ third edition will be held in Tempe, Arizona, January 22nd through January 24th. The first two iterations of this conference, which is essentially the official unofficial WordPress business conference, were massively successful. This year’s event is already shaping up to be another success. Tickets […]

Freelancing and Working with Others

Every now and then, I’ll get questions via email, Twitter, or blog comments that I want to answer. The thing is, answer in and of itself would be longer than the original blog post itself so I try to keep it concise for the sake of not detracting too much from the initial post. When […]

Top 5 Free WordPress Themes of the Month – June 2014 Edition

We have a nice selection of themes for you this month that tick all the items on my design checklist. From super minimalism to robust e-commerce themes, this month’s list has it all. And truly, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Photographers, travelers, corporate types, and bloggers can all find something to enjoy here. […]

The Future of WordPress

by Natasha Postolovski. Writer, maker, traveler. There’s one thing that we can all agree on: the future of WordPress is bright. Outside of this, the ever-passionate WordPress community is a hotbed for debates on where WordPress should go from here. With 22% of websites running on WordPress, a vibrant open-source community, amazing themes and plugins […]