Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization

Bjorn Wallman is a small, interactive organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada which specializes in web design, online marketing and SEO services. In addition to these services they also offer company customized organic search engine optimization and SEO consulting services. Their main approach towards this establishment involves conceptualizing SEO as a the steps in reference […]

Responsive Web Design Basics

Firstly, it’s a basic piece to your SEO (Content Marketing) approach: Google, having 67 percent of the search market share, says that in order for your website to follow industry best practices, it would need to be mobile responsive web design. The biggest reason is due to the fact that a mobile responsive design site […]

Search Engine Optimization Las Vegas (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization in Las Vegas (SEO) is the practice of Optimizing Web Pages for the Search Engines so they rank higher in the organic results of search engine searches. There are many different components that are involved in this process, all of them important in different ways. We keep track of the newest methods, […]

New TimThumb 0-Day Vulnerability Disclosed

A new 0-Day vulnerability was just disclosed for TimThumb’s WebShot feature. If you’re using TimThumb and you’ve got the feature enabled, then your website is at risk to an attack. This note is not meant to imply that your website, specifically, is at risk. However, this is a large enough vulnerability that we wanted to […]

Award Winning Web Design in Las Vegas

Effective web design is a critical component of any marketing strategy. A compelling website design and content strategy will help nurture a lead from a general inquiry to a specific opportunity to a current client. Not only will it allow a visitor to navigate your site intuitively and quickly—finding information in the least number of […]

WordPress hosting startup raises $3 million in seed funding

It’s well known that one of the best ways to boost your WordPress site performance is to ensure that you have a hosting provider who is dedicated to providing specialized services for WordPress. Sova, a Singapore-based startup, has recently made headlines in the industry by raising nearly $3 million dollars from anonymous investors. Sova was […]